Make things better, tastier, more attractive…

I had an interesting “flash experience” this morning… (that’s when a tiny trigger sends me off on a journey of insights but it only takes like 2 earth seconds)…✨

So I was about to eat a boiled egg (you’ll see where I’m going with this haha!) and I thought, hmmm maybe I’ll put some salt on it, to make it taste better.

Ok so that’s when it happened… it was about the thought of making something better, therefore wanting to change something about the way it is in its natural state. So I decided not to. I’ll just enjoy it as it is, and as it tastes just like this.
Ok I’m sure you understand this not just about an egg.

You see, I realized that it’s part of current human behavior to do this a lot.
Make things better, tastier, more attractive…
Wanting things to be more than what they already are, (not only material things, food, your life, but also your Self) means you are missing the experience of what it already is in the now. In it’s pure natural state.

I’m not saying that we always need to leave everything as it is , never wear nice clothes, never wear make up, never add tasty herbs to your food, or never add interior design to your home…
I’m just saying we can be conscious of how we can enjoy BOTH. So we are not adding stuff all the time to make things “better” or “more” because we feel that without these additions, it’s just not good enough.
It is good enough.
It’s more than good enough.
It’s amazing in it’s natural organic state too!

I’m not saying we should stop desiring to improve or upgrade things, life, or ourselves…
I’m saying we can expand and upgrade from a place of loving who we are now too. Accepting what “is” now too. Recognizing the beauty in it all, and then still move onto the next level.
The next level is always new.
We don’t just improve things, we renew, we create new, in every moment.

So the message that came to me in these few seconds, was about taking time to stop and enjoy, appreciate and love “what is” now. From a creative perspective we are changing things all the time, but let it be from that place of unconditional love, joy and fun… and not because you are running or hiding from something out of non-acceptance and resistance.

Wishing you a beautiful day in a loving embrace!

✨✨ Ky