The frequency of CONTROL

The frequency of CONTROL…
A sneaky one that is. It’s everywhere, and you know it actually becomes so familiar that we don’t even notice we are doing it.
This “control” keeps us very limited and confused… because we feel like we have to control ourselves, the way others think, feel and react, control how things happen, when they happen, what the result will be, control how things manifest, or control our healing or awakening process!

So this past week I’ve really opened myself up again to dive into this question…
How do I recognize when I am caught up in the frequency of CONTROL?
And how do I release that?

The answer is so cool because it’s so simple.
I definately needed a reminder of this one… (so yes in that space of need in that moment)

“When we are able to just BE.
When we allow ourselves to BE in the moment.
To BE in perfect alignment with who we really are…

SO the link between CONTROL and NEED has integrated on a deeper level now, and I understand how important this is.

When I notice that I am hanging onto a NEED, I know I’m being lead by the frequency of control.
To let go of this control frequency is to let go of that need, whatever it is, how big or small.

Getting into that space of total alignment with my true Being / Source, lights up the absolute Trust and Faith within me, and there is no need to look outside myself for anything, because I am content and fulfilled.

When we start to look outside of ourselves it’s a sign we are not content with who we really are. We are then focusing on that which has not happened yet, instead of trusting that being in this perfect alignment will attract and manifest all that we truly need… which becomes a funny thought because you feel that “need” is no longer present anyway! You realize that you are not lacking anything at all… well… that is inner peace and surrender right there!
Love it…

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